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am honored to work for and serve the people of the 15th Congressional District of Pennsylvania as your United States Representative. As your Representative in the people’s house, I take my responsibility to be your voice and your vote with a commitment to service, leadership, and problem-solving.

Thank you for your support in 2020! With your effort I was honored to win re-election with more than 73% of the vote in a record Pennsylvania turnout. Aside from the presidential outcome, the 2020 election year was one of the best ever for Republican candidates. In addition to my robust victory, all of my eight Republican congressional colleagues won re-election with an average winning percentage of 64.5% of the vote. Pennsylvania elected two statewide Republican row officers (Auditor General and Treasurer) for the first time in decades, restoring critical checks and balances in Harrisburg.

Service begins with working hard to maintain an awareness of the problems and issues facing you, the people whom I serve. I greatly appreciate the significant time I spend in the communities and with the citizens of the 15th District when I am not in Washington voting on your behalf. Since going to work for you, I have driven more than 500,000 miles serving our great communities. In Congress 2020 I reached a milestone largely unheard of speaking on the House floor more than 1,000 days. I have led in speaking more days while the House was in session than any of my 434 colleagues, to not just engage in the debate, but to shape it.

Problem-solving the challenges our nation faces requires bipartisan solutions. I am proud to be recognized as a bipartisan problem-solver in Congress. This is reflected in my legislative and leadership record. When drafting legislative solutions, I work with members of both parties. My bipartisan record demonstrates many bills I have sponsored or co-sponsored being enacted into law. Just a few examples of these legislative victories include specific local/agriculture COVID relief provisions, the Servicemembers’ Telemedicine and E-Health Portability (STEP) Act, Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) Act, the Modernizing Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, and two Farm Bills that assure safe and affordable food, better Internet connectivity as well as working to restore a robust rural economy.

My leadership in Congress reflects a respect for the opinions of my colleagues, and a willingness to come to the table to determine what we can agree upon as the foundation for solutions. In 2021, as evidence of my colleague’s respect for my leadership, I was elected as the Republican Leader of the House Committee on Agriculture.

I appreciate the honor that the citizens of the 15th District have allowed me to work for them as their United States Representative. I look forward to earning the opportunity to continue in this service, and humbly ask for your support and vote to continue to serve you in Congress.

Congressman Glenn 'GT' Thompson
Congressman Glenn 'GT' Thompson