Meet Truman Thompson

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Truman joined the Thompson family in July 2002. He was adopted from the Centre County SPCA.

Truman is reportedly part collie and part shepherd. We've been told his handsome, long, red-tinted hair, fluffy mane and spotted tongue are all indications of being part chow.

Truman is the Thompson family dog, adopted in 2002.

What we know for certain is that Truman is fully a member of the Thompson family. When in Howard, he hangs out with his friends Sophie, Mazie, Paisley, and Maggie. He especially enjoys when any of his three boys Parker, Logan & Kale are home for a visit. On occasion he also enjoys vacationing with his boys at their homes.

He travels with GT & Penny to Washington wearing his own special seatbelt. In Washington, Truman enjoys spending time in the Congressional Office where he is the first to greet constituents with a friendly sniff and a tail wag.

While on vacation he enjoys play time with his friends Rooster (resting on Truman in the photo below) and Jasmine, as well as cat buddies Pan, Phillip and McCoy.